Arapahoe Fire and Rescue was formed in 1909 as the Arapahoe Hook and Ladder.  We are celebrating serving the Citizens of Arapahoe for 100 years this year.  There have been many changes over the years and many improvements in fire fighting.  Arapahoe Fire and Rescue believe the best way to protect the lives and property of our residents is to prevent fires before they start.
Arapahoe Fire and Rescue currently has 22 members with 11 members trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s).  The Department also has two cadets that are still in high school but want to learn about the fire department.  They help in nonhazardous situation.  On average Arapahoe Fire and Rescue response to 20 fire calls and 95 ambulance calls per year.  Members also train every month plus attend several different schools to learn new techniques to care for people and extinguish fires.
Arapahoe Fire and Rescue covers the City of Arapahoe and the rural area of approximately nine miles in all directions.  This amounts to 312 square miles.  Due to the rural area the majority of our fires are grass fires. Department members also train in specialized areas including Haz-Mat response, rope rescue, fire prevention, Critical Incident Stress Management, and extraction.  Arapahoe Fire and Rescue belongs to Tri-Valley Mutual Aid Association and South Central Firefighter Association. The Arapahoe City Council governs us with Chris Middagh and John E. Koller being the fire representatives.