"Our Lady of Fatima Shrine"

Located outside just west of the St. Germanus Catholic Church
(Four blocks west of the intersection of Hwy 283 and Hwy 6/34)
Arapahoe, NE 

* The shrine is accessible and inviting to all who stop and pray.














The prayer-centered grounds are dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.  The shrine was built by Father Henry Denis and other dedicated parish members.  The statue that draws one's attention at the shrine is Our Lady of Fatima.  The title of Mary as Our Lady of Fatima.  The title of Mary as Our Lady of Fatima has its origin from a 1917 apparition in Fatima, Portugal to three shepherd children.  The statues of the children and a few animals also grace the shrine, their attention focused on the lady rising above them. 

Father Henry Denis was a young, Polish priest arrested by the Nazis in the opening weeks of World War II. Father Denis was incarcerated in various prisons and concentration camps, including Dachau from 1942-1945.  The life-changing event at Dachau related by Father Denis occurred on October 7, 1944.  During roll call of prisoners he did not hear his name and number called by the prison guards.  He was praying the Rosary mentally. He had not stepped forward when called.  This was punishable by death.  He went to the work detail outside the camp with the other priests.  When Father Denis returned in the evening, the quota of victims had been met.  He was spared.  Praying the rosary had spared his life.  He made a promise, a vow; "If I ever leave the camp alive, I will express my gratitude by building for the Blessed Mother a little shrine."

Father Denis was ultimately free and immigrated to America.  He was assigned to St. Germanus Parish in Arapahoe in 1949.  Seven years later, in August of 1956, Father Henry Denis realized the fulfillment of his concentration camp promise.  He built a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima.