401 Nebraska Avenue
Arapahoe, NE

Open May through September
Saturday and Sunday
1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

If interested in having a group tour, please contact one of the following:
Cathy Weber - 308 962-7714
Lori Moore - 308 962-7446
Lelia Haussler - 308 962-7684

The Furnas/Gosper County Museum was established in 1968.  The Furnas/Gosper County Historical Society took control of the museum in 1998.  Their mission is to preserve the history and artifacts of Furnas and Gosper Counties

Cathy Weber - 308 962-7714

Lori Moore - 308 962-7446

Members at Large:
Keith and Ruth Willets
Glen Monter
Kathy Trosper

*There is no charge to tour the museum, although donations are always cheerfully accepted!